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I am a professional public speaking coach focused on helping you overcome the paralyzing fear of public speaking so you can build confidence and in both your professional and personal life.

But First It's Important to Understand:

Why Do Some People Experience Public Speaking Anxiety?

Believe me, I know all too well the debilitating fear of public speaking. Just the mere thought of speaking in front of any size audience causes a quavering voice, shaking hands, and dry mouth.

Throughout the decades, fear of public speaking is still a common fear people can’t seem to shake. That’s because it’s natural for us to avoid what we fear, so if public speaking gives you anxiety it’s not like you’re first in line for giving speeches or talking in front of large audiences.

But why do some people feel nervous while others can speak with no hint of nerve wracking anxiety?

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Key Points to Understand:

Introverts and Extroverts

To understand the fear of public speaking, it starts with understanding and rethinking the labels of introvert and extrovert.

It’s easy to ask, “Are you an introvert or extrovert?” when breaking the ice with someone. We think it’s helping us fast-track getting to know someone better. But here’s the thing:

There is actually an introversion and extroversion spectrum. There are different kinds of introverts and extroverts…and those who fall somewhere in the middle.


Direct energy inward; you listen, think, reflect, feel, and act based on your own motivation. You prefer one-on-one conversations, are sociable with a small group, and recharge by spending time alone.


Direct energy outward; you think, feel, and act based on social cues and external factors. You make decisions quickly, have more natural speaking skills, are outgoing, love being the center of attention, and recharge by socialising with others.

The truth is most of us fall somewhere in the middle, leaning more toward one side or the other. So what this means no matter where you are on the spectrum, you can have public speaking anxiety.

Individuals who are in the middle, even if they lean more toward extroversion, can still have the same nervous energy when it comes to a public speaking event. It depends on the speaking event, topic, and audience.

But those who lean more toward introversion tend to have more speaking anxiety. That’s because you’re taking someone completely out of their comfort zone and having them drain their energy, instead of replenishing it.

In other words, asking someone who identifies as an introvert to talk to a large crowd, during a meeting, or any other type of public speaking situations can instantly skyrocket anxiety levels.

You May Be An Introvert If You Agree With Any Of The Following:

  • Every meeting I have slight nervousness because I dread talking in front of people.

  • I’m overcome with fear whenever I have to present. I have to script word for word what I’m going to say and avoid eye contact so I don’t see any audience reactions.

  • I feel confident and prefer speaking in small groups and one-on-one conversations

  • Sometimes, I feel being my authentic self isn’t good enough.

  • My boss overlooks me for promotions because I’m not a good public speaker.

  • I hate networking because I think I have a social anxiety disorder and I’m afraid I’ll say something wrong.

  • I feel like I can’t achieve business success or my life goals because of my speaking anxiety.

The Truth Is:

An Introvert Can Be A Better Speaker Than Any Extrovert

I’m not joking! With some training, positive thoughts, presentation practice, and exposure therapy, many speakers and celebrities who identify as introverts master public speaking.

Some famous introverts include Bill Gate, Elon Musk, Meryl Streep, Warren Buffet, and many others!

And that’s because they’ve learned not only the key strategies of overcoming public speaking anxiety, but how to leverage their amazing introvert qualities as essential leadership skills:

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  • Strategic thinking, putting together thoughtful plans and next steps.

  • Researching and reflecting while working on challenging projects.

  • Being extremely self-aware and thinking before making decisions.

  • A highly sensitive person who is aware of their surroundings.

  • Easily learn through observations, collecting insights often overlooked by others.

  • Does well in small groups, willing to help each person be successful.

Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking, Harness Your Best Qualities, And Discover a Successful, Fulfilling Life And Career In Advertising

Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety with Clinton Middleton

The key is to becoming a master at public speaking is practice and to practice in small doses at your own pace.

My coaching and training services include lessons from my 14 years of professional experience as an introvert in the advertising industry working with clients and colleagues from around the world.

Having worked in the advertising world, I understand exactly how it feels to be in the minority, one of the few who dreads public speaking in an office filled with extreme extroverts.

That’s why I designed my training specifically for introverts in advertising who want to conquer their fear of public speaking:

Customised Individual Coaching

You'll work directly with me to create an action plan. Each coaching session is an opportunity to focus on your progress and well being.

Group Coaching Sessions

Access to expert-crafted workshops and masterclasses focused on varies topics, including breathing exercises, tackling stage fright, how to reduce stress, and much more. Attend and learn with other introverts who chose to be confident and successful in their advertising careers.

Online Training

Self-paced training so you can find the sweet spot for progress based on your own energy and speed. No schedule to worry about! Experience less stress by flowing through the modules when it's best for you.

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