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The Struggle Is Real For Introverts In The Advertising World

The work that comes in the advertising industry is perfect for many introverts. You utilise various skillsets, like creativity, knowledge, and intuition with a series of projects and challenges.

The only problem: It’s an extrovert-rewarded industry.

Stakeholders and clients want to feel swooned and reassured with a powerful presentation and a great story. Colleagues and bosses want you to have lots of non-stop energy, present new ideas and techniques on the spot, and make people laugh without skipping a beat.

For introverts, this is absolutely exhausting. Believe me, I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

And it’s not because you’re necessarily shy, awkward, or don’t like being around people.

Being an introvert simply means you build up your energy differently than an extrovert. While extroverts thrive from the relationships they build with others, introverts need to recharge alone and take breaks from over-stimulating spaces.

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Years of Experience

When it comes to public speaking, do you recognize these feelings?

  • I dread meetings. I don’t feel comfortable talking, but I’m the only one who doesn’t talk and it causes me stress.

  • I’m afraid to put myself out there for a project or promotion because I lack presentation skills. What if I say something wrong or stupid?

  • I hate speaking on the spot. It’s like having to do a presentation without any preparation. I need time to digest, think, and write my thoughts down.

  • People assume I’m a highly sensitive person or anti-social because I hate networking events, large gatherings, and giving presentations.

  • My boss forgets about me because I’m quiet, so they probably don’t think I have the communication skills or leadership to master a new project.

  • I’m struggling to advance in my personal and professional life because of my fear of public speaking.

You Can Shine

A Public Speaking Coach For Introverts

Being in a career that’s dominated by outgoing personalities can have introverts thinking they must be highly sensitive people. That’s not necessarily the case.

You’ve just unintentionally trained your brain with negative thinking because you’ve seen how extroverts seem to reap all rewards in work and in life.

The truth is: You can reap all the same rewards and have a positive impact just by learning how to use the power of your own authentic voice.

It just takes rewiring your mindset so you’re able to recognize your unique gifts as an introvert, how to strategically leverage those gifts in your personal and professional life, and gaining the presentation skills that can help you face your fears and speak up with confidence when it matters the most.

Speaker Training for Introverts with Clinton Middleton

Embrace Being An Introvert And Finally Overcome Your Speech Anxiety

My coaching and training services include:

Customised Individual Coaching

You'll work directly with me to build an action plan
Each coaching session we focus on practical tips, such as the sound of your voice and body language to improve your speaking ability. After every session, you'll walk away with personalized feedback to improve your public speaking.

Group Coaching Sessions

Access to expert-crafted workshops and masterclasses
Connect and learn with other introverts who chose to be confident and successful in their advertising careers by mastering public speaking.

Online Training

Self-paced training so you can progress at your own speed
No schedule to worry about! Experience less stress by flowing through the modules and practice speaking when it's best for you.
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Imagine a Life and Advertising Career As A More Confident Public Speaker

  • Don’t pass up on the next promotion, presentation, or speech! This is the time to learn those real-life skills so you can achieve the success you deserve.
  • Increase your self-awareness around your unique gifts as an introvert and leverage them to your competitive advantage.
  • Understand and embrace the art and science behind public speaking and master your next talk on stage or at a speaking engagement.
  • Skyrocket your confidence and never second-guess yourself speaking in front of groups.
  • Share your thoughts and ideas openly and without hesitation with colleagues and even senior executives.
  • Present in front of an audience, no matter the size, and feel like you’re in your comfort zone.
  • Prevent the crippling anxiety of not knowing what to say “when it’s your turn” to speak.
  • Unlock the huge difference you can make in your career while earning what you deserve!
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It's All Possible...

Because I'm An Introvert Speaking From Experience

I know what it’s like to be an introvert in the advertising industry because I was one for over 14 years.

From intern to managing partner, I worked at WPP and Publicis, two of the largest agency groups in the world, and had the pleasure of working with clients such as Coca-Cola, Deloitte, Old Spice, Ford, Ciroc, and Avis.

But I realized early on I was terrified to speak in front of others. I had no idea how to express my thoughts or emotions or how to stand up for myself, so I doubted myself constantly.

Worst of all, I realized that my whole life was being controlled by my fear of public speaking.

It wasn’t until I discovered I was an introvert that things started to make sense. I was also diagnosed with ADHD late in my life, but that also helped explain the many challenges and hard lessons I had to learn.

Now that everything clicked, I decided to leave the advertising world for a bigger mission:

Helping introverts gain confidence in their ability to speak and share their authentic voice.

I had gathered special tips, tricks, and skills from trainings, plus my professional experience for not just surviving, but thriving in a world dominated by extroverts and never-break-a-sweat speakers.

I’ve also moved up to be president of my Toastmasters club, an internationally renowned organisation for developing articulate leaders and speakers.

I also finished my book Your Only Limit Is You, a self-help book about my challenges with ADHD and the strategies I use to manage my symptoms.

I know what it’s like to feel like an outsider. Trying to manage a career while constantly overcome with fear…while everyone else seems to be confident and on cloud nine.

I’m here to help introverts conquer the same fears I had because the success of the industry depends on the passion and diversity of ideas that introverts bring.

And everyone deserves to have a successful, fulfilling career just by being their authentic self.


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